Custom Aluminum Premium Welded Trailers

Tailored fitted for your specific model and year Elite Craft

 Standard Features:
  • Aluminum welded I-beam construction, Deep V Cross-members and Pivot L-brackets
  • Galvanized axles and wheels
  • Adjustable undercarriage
  • Stainless steel bearing protectors with spindle seal
  • Diamond deck plate load bearing fenders with step
  • 2 sets of carpeted bunks
  • Submersible LED taillights with diamond deck cover plate
  • Heavy duty winch stand & strap with bow eye safety chain & cable
  • Non-marking bow stop rollers
  • PVC covered Galvanized tubing upright guides
  • Galvanized fasteners
  • 10″ rear roller for transom saver
  • Fully Grounded Wiring
  • Deluxe tongue jack with 9″ wheel
Optional Features:
  • Aluminum Wheel Upgrade
  • Custom Step Pads
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Smooth Aluminum Fenders
  • Vault Hubs
  • Armor Coatings
  • Color Wraps
  • Carpeted Side Guides
  • Swing Tongue Assembly
  • Jack Upgrades
  • Spare Tire Carriers
  • Brakes
  • Stainless Steel Brakes

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