Wood Grains

img_5224The Construction of Custom Made Wood Grained Fiberglass Boats

Want the grace and elegance of a custom built wooden runabout without the constant care that wood demands?  Elite Craft Boats has the answer. We have been making wooden runabouts captured in fiberglass for over 30 years. Most of our boats are still on the water! This means no more re-planking, no more caulking, no more varnishing. Keep the look of a wood grained custom built runabout for decades without ever having the need the strip, re-finish and restore.

Today, Our wood finish is second to none.. it is the result of years of experimentation and development which has evolved into what you see today… the best part? It lasts and lasts with the durability that will keep you satisfied for years to come.

“We cannot believe this is not real wood!” This is what visitors were saying during the debut of our new wood grain at one of the largest antique and classic boat shows (ACBS) in the country.

Please contact us  for further details of all of our Elite Craft models.

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